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17-04-06, 00:30
Just had two weeks in Texas, three days into the first week my Canon 20D fitted with a Canon 100-400 lens stopped working showing the message Err99.
I did what it tells you to do in the manual and that didn't work I've cleaned all gold points on Camera and Lens still no good, replaced lens with my other canon lens and still no good. can anyone help Many thanks.

17-04-06, 01:59
Try replacing the battery after cleaning the contacts, make sure it's fully charged. If that doesn't work try a different battery, if the camera works with the new battery then your old one could be faulty!


Canis Vulpes
17-04-06, 08:34
Please find list of Canon error codes


From the same site...
Err 99: SYSTEM

DESCRIPTION: This error occurs if there is an internal malfunction detected during the camera's self-checking procedure that's executed before every attempted exposure. This is somewhat similar to the flashing 'BC' warning that occasionally appears on EOS-1 series 35mm SLRs.
REMEDIAL MEASURE: Try releasing the error by turning the main power switch OFF and then back ON. If this does not solve the problem, have the EOS D60 examined by a qualified service technician. Please be careful to note the conditions under which the error message occurred. This error is similar to Error 09 or Error 10 on the D30.

Hope this helps

Adey Baker
17-04-06, 08:42
It could be a CF card error - try another card and if it's OK do a double format on the suspect card before re-trying it

Canis Vulpes
17-04-06, 09:17
Found a bit more on the subject...


22-04-06, 00:08
Thanks everyone, did all the checks still no joy been on the phone to Canon seems it could be a fault within the camera body so it's going off to canon for a bit of surgery.
once again many thanks

20-05-06, 20:01
Did you solve the problem? I had this error with my 10D, and it turned out to be the 70-200mm lens, which I replaced. I found this out by hiring another lens that worked perfectly well.

21-05-06, 11:25
Hi bpw,
On canon advice sent camera body off to be fixed. last week when I phone they were waiting for a part, the girl on the phone couldn't tell what part that was exactly but I should be getting the camera back early this coming week. fingers crossed!