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sassan 19-07-18 01:13

Excellent Free Basic Photography book
Famous photographers and Photo Youtubers, Chelsea and Tony Northrup are celebrating their "One Million Subscription" on YouTube by giving a valuable gift to everyone, that is a free copy of their fundamental photography tutorial book which not only covers all basic photography topics well, but also provides the reader with opportunity to watch about 14 hours video tutorials with the help of QR codes in various topics that you can easily scan with your smartphone. Book is available as download with options of PDF (For your PC Mac or Tablet, Mobile format (For smartphones) or Kindle ebook reader.

Heartiest Congratulations to Tony and Chelsea for their great achievement and feel free to use the link below to their website for book download, and additionally the other link for their other products:

LINK TO BOOK DOWNLOAD (Scroll to lower aspect of page for different format options).

LINK TO THEIR YOUTUBE well worthy reviews and products.

sassan 28-03-19 12:11

Please note that this free Book Give Away is over and free book offer does not exist anymore. However if you use the above link, you can see their periodic promotions.

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