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sassan 08-05-22 17:10

How about " Show Me Your Old Photography Gears?"
Just was thinking of new fun activity and not a game, but to have undust your old, maybe gold, photography gear, Lens, Camera, Flash, whatever related and try to use it one more time with a sample result from that gear and an ID picture of the featured gear itself, here, on the gallery?

If you've noticed, I have already started to show some of my older stuff, taking dust out of them and enjoying rejuvenation and that through of the new light of life, one more time through them.

It is fun and hopes everyone here contributes. So let's see what you have to show.

petrochemist 16-05-22 23:41

I don't usually snap my gear, but I do have a few images of more unusual kit around here is one of my older lenses (A 1930's Kodak astigmat) custom mounted to a spare body cap & mounted on bellows to allow focusing on a SLR. IMGP2838 by Mike Kanssen, on Flickr

A more recent adaption is this one of a 50mm/1.2 projector lens via a helicoid onto a mirrorless camera 50mm/1.2 projector lens by Mike Kanssen, on Flickr
Even with some spare body trimmed from the rear of the lens it needs to be very close to the sensor to focus to infinity (inside the micro four thirds mount)

Finally a more conventional setup used for through the viewfinder imaging: church TTV by Mike Kanssen, on Flickr

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