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sassan 13-05-22 14:57

How to find filter size of your lens
Yes, you can go to your lens and check for the filter size but what if you're away and need to buy a filter, not being sure what your lens filter size is? Not to mention, some of today's lens manufacturers have omitted writing that filter size on the front of the lens, as was customary in yesteryears.

Here are a great easy-to-find search and list of all (Almost) lenses (Thanks to Tiffen) with the right size filter they can accept and you wanted to know. :cool:
On the top blank bar, the box enters the lens brand in the right box, then the size of filter you want to buy in the last box and you will get all the lenses that use that size, or alternatively, in the middlebox right of the focal length of your lens. Very easy and efficient.


petrochemist 17-05-22 00:10

I think they're only listing lenses currently in production.
I couldn't find the lenses I'm least sure of (a Carl Zeiss Jena biotar, any industar lenses) so I tried a couple of more common lenses the Pentax 50mm/1.7 (I have in M, A & FA versions around 70's 80's & 90's respectively - none listed) then the Sigma 150-500 I got new ten years ago, and the Olympus 17mm/2.8 neither of these either. At least if found my Panasonic 14-42 & 45-200 lenses.

For me a simple set of dial calipers, or simply trial & error is likely to be a better choice, unless the lenses hasn't arrived yet :)

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