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nldunne 19-06-18 13:15

Tonal Value Accuracy
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First off - after doing an image in ALL AUTO MODE - I made a black and white work copy.
Then I took an old Grey card - with a quarter inch peep hole in the center - using peep hole - and found Grey Values that Matched my Grey Card.
Next I opened up my LEVELS TOOL.
In Levels, I worked with the MIDDLE GREY Value (and peep hole) and found a Grey Match at Value 130 on Subject's Shirt. I Saved that Value in B and W.
Next I opened up a color version - made a work copy - and applied the same Value 130 in Levels Tool and saved that copy.
I thought the end result turned out very accurate.
To always have a Grey Value - just take an image with a Grey Card (to find a Value to use) and an image without a Grey Card.

dordeduca 21-06-18 08:29

good indication

nldunne 21-06-18 11:18

Thank you for this

nldunne 23-08-18 17:48

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Here is an idea that I found helpful - for checking the cam exposure and P C accuracy.
First I set a Shutter Speed from All Auto Mode on Canon S3 with Auto ISO pressing the shutter button
half way down
Next I set the found Shutter Speed in TV MODE
Then I did an image of the White Craft Card and Grey Card followed by an image of the scene
On the P C - I put each image in a Plug In Tool's FIX TINT Tool in my Paint Shop Pro program.
(I use the White and Grey Card to check how clean and accurate the White Value is. If
needed I can make tweaks).
The accuracy of the White Card and Grey Card plus scene tonal values turned out very well.

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