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sassan 16-01-19 02:03

Sony's new APC mirrorless is here!
Sony did it again and one more surprise form this giant that in a very innovative way, has defeated all the leaders in the world of Digital photography.

And its not going to be replacement for legendary A6500 but a A6400 that in short, has the same excellent body/sensor of A6000 (same 24mp and imporved 24.2MP APS-C Exmor sensor, BIONZ X image processor) but with better articulation of LCD & in Still side of camera, has one of the fastest AF in the market today, excellent tracking, second to none and on the video side has 4K @max 60P and built in Timelapse. The noticeable missing, compare to A6500 is Image Stablization otherwise this new one may look even faster and smarter!
As for price, its well under A6500, only little more than current A6300, expected to be about $850 for body and just under $1000 for body and kit lens.
Here is a link to difference between all wonderful APC Sony mirroless and though I am still using my several years old A6000 (Two copies, one black the other silver), personally I really don't feel I'm missing anything when shooting with my old gear as I am mostly using Manual focus. If you are an AF user, a move to new body may be a great consideration. What do you think?


petrochemist 16-01-19 22:37

I don't see anything significant there over the old NEX6 I recently brought. Yes it's better but I shoot adapted lenses so AF is irrelevant, I don't shoot video, the extra MP is probably wasted, so the extra $700 probably would be too. Yes older gear is now preferable for me :) I sure there are changes mot easily listed in specs. that would be useful to me but an A7 is more tempting. I have to admit I'm liking the NEX6 more than I expected, the plan is to convert it to IR, but I can see that being delayed for quite a while while I play with it with visual light.

marydoll 24-01-19 23:29

Recently I've found it difficult to carry my dslr as it's so heavy and I've have been thinking of getting a lighter camera for days when I just want to walk - being out with a mobile phone has made me very lazy, photography wise - I've also a shaky hand from time to time so image stablization would be important. A friend recommended the Panasonic G9 - I like it because it has 2 card slot - I've noticed that manufacturers always seem to leave some feature/s out. I'm not in any hurry to decide and I've found your description of this new Sony camera interesting. Thank you.

sassan 25-01-19 11:31

Mike: I am totally with you and glad to see someone else, thinking just like me. But must admit and though I don't use AF often, this new Sony rocks there. Its not only that this one is the fastest AF on earth today, but its AF Tracking is something that can be really lifesaver, if you shoot sport and action. That is it tops off its remarkable older A6000 that had a great fame, only for this feature. Don't know if you are familiar with this or not, but this is a good video to watch, in terms of what Auto Tracking does for you (Older review with A6000):

And if you are looking into A7, you are in very right path. Recently with arrival of A7iii, price of A7ii dropped to mere half! So Santa was kind enough to bring me one for Christmas :-) and compare to my A6000 s, I must say this thing is lovely (Though a lot of people complain and nag about it). Especially I like the improvement in higher ISO for night shooting and better sensor. But then size is midway between NEX / A6*00 s and a regular DSLR, so to say about the cons. And of course the other con is you must use full frame lenses so more to spend. But the excellent thing is, unlike Canon, a lot of things in terms of dials and operation are similar to my other Sony (A6000) and that familiarity for me is priceless. Even the batteries are the same as A6000 that is big plus for me, when already having many extra batteries and chargers, so no need to spend again.

Marydoll: I totally feel your pain and been there. In fact I had to go and see a neuro surgeon for sever neck pain, as result of long hours of caring heavy camera body and lens (My Canon stuff) on my shoulder and around the neck. That is why a Mirrorless camera comes as total relief, like a dream. And really it doesn't mater which brand, as long as you find it fit in your hand and right for your style. Sony is the leader there but Fuji, Panasonic, Olympus all make fantastic cameras and each exceed in one area or more.
The G9 you mentioned for budget, is probably the best choice for many Youtuber due to its excellent Video. And as you mentioned, the dual (In body and lens) stabilizer that they call it: 5-axis in-body image stabilization with Dual I.S. 2 (CIPA rated 6.5 stops) is AMAZING. G9 is a very capable competitor of GH5 and in my book, the winner as I sincerely believe in Performance/Price ratio. Currently and with your Canon lens IS, probably you get a max benefit of 3 stop. But above all, that reduction of weight for almost similar result, in terms of IQ, is the miracle of this new technology.
Go for it and don't look back. Though you may miss Canon Glass and wide choice. But again interchangeable Lumix Panasonic lenses with Olympus and then adapters that can provide you compatibility with virtually any lens (At a price and some compromise) is still promising. Make sure to go to shop that allow you to hold the camera physically and play with it for some time to make sure it all fits your hand and your demand. If that is not an option, consider renting one for a weed end or so. And if you are to know anything negative about it: That is a roamer (For now), is that the micro four-third (M43) format may die off in coming years. Though you don't have to believe everything you hear, its not bad to have a look at this, so you make an informed decision, before unloading a large sum of money on a new camera.
How much this news should affect you? I don't know, but if I was you, to buy today, this was absolutely not a deal breaker for me as most cameras are in need of a change in 3-5 years and that is the predicted bad time for M43.

sassan 01-02-19 23:43

Marydoll: Just saw this and thought might of interest to you (If still in market for Panasonic mirrorless).
Panasonic's new Full Frame (Yes and no more half the others crop: m43) is out. There are two models for now: S1 (24MP) and S1r (47MP). They are with Sensor Stabilization that you wanted. Also they give you 2 memory card slot but one is SD, the other expensive XQD. Unfortunately and as expected, very expensive.
If you need more detail, have a look at Tony's channel:

marydoll 02-02-19 12:33

Many thanks Sassan - I will look into it and see what I think - your reply is very much appreciated.

sassan 14-02-19 12:06

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Originally Posted by marydoll (Post 60303)
Many thanks Sassan - I will look into it and see what I think - your reply is very much appreciated.

You are most welcomed Marydoll.

Also if you have not made your move yet, knowing what you want (Small but very capable package with a great in body stabilizer), I saw something that would surly like to bring it into you attention as this is a great deal. This has become available to us in USA today and possibly you should have a similar one in your neck of the woods as I would guess these marketing strategies are worldwide. Its a great kit package from Panasonic that you liked.

It seems everybody is offering it to USA buyers, all over the web at a really low price of UNDER $500 for camera body, 2 complimentary good lenses and some icing around the cake, depending on who is selling it.
Amazon has it with their great customer service, BH photo has it with a better accessory deal, so does Focus Camera. Many others such as Adorama also have similar deals, if you search he web.
I guess the only reason for availability of such a great package, is the fact that manufacturers trying to leave the m4-3 platform but not that it is a deal breaker by any means for the consumer. As you get very capable camera with 4K video capability, good still image quality, In body camera stabilization that is very handy for hand held photo/video graphy and even more so in conjunction of many of their lenses that provide IS, all approximately half the price that it was sold yesterday!
If you are looking into one great bang for the buck, right now, possibly you can't expect anything better than this from current market.
So have a serious look into this one, especially in relation to: what you get, for the price.
LINK to BH deal
LINK to Adorma
LINK to FocusCamera This one comes with additional 2 extra batteries and 64GB memory card, instead of 32, for additional $30.

marydoll 16-03-19 23:15

Many thanks Sassan - apologies for being so long in answering but events here overtook all my thoughts of camera. I will have a look at this.

sassan 23-03-19 22:46


Originally Posted by marydoll (Post 60352)
Many thanks Sassan - apologies for being so long in answering but events here overtook all my thoughts of camera. I will have a look at this.

Not at all and please take care of yourself and the real life's priorities.
I was personally looking into something small and cheap camera to accompany my Sony A6000s that unfortunately has dirty sensor and cleaning may cost me more that buying a new one... So I found an interesting one made in China, from a well know manufacturer that mostly makes Action cameras, security cameras and dash cam cameras, by the name Yi. Camera's model is M1. This is one micro 4/3 mirrorless, small size, light weight, plastic body camera with two good kit lens, one of which is excellent for portrait, 42.5 mm F1.7 (Equivalent of full frame 85mm) for $230 (Total, at my door), so pulled the trigger. I am very happy with it and camera has everything I wanted, except for Image Stabilization and EVF. So I still think that Panasonic Lumix DMC-GX85 is an excellent choice for you, if about $500 is a price tag in your budget range.
Anyhow, take care and best wishes.

marydoll 30-04-19 23:32

I've been impressed by your 'flower' photographs and your new camera. I haven't thought about anything camera wise lately - it's kinda spring cleaning time and curtains etc are on the agenda!! Have fun with your new camera.

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