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wolfie 20-05-16 19:46

Canon MT-24EX Twin Lite Speedlight
Two years ago I sent this little used macro flash to Canon for repair, it took 3 months and cost 250. A few weeks ago I brought out the flash for a special photo job inserted the batteries, low and behold I had the same fault that canon had charged 250 to repair.
Sent the flash back to Canon and have just received a quote for carrying out the same repair. A staggering 415. Anyone else had reason to send equipment to Canon for repair.
As I have a little electronics experience and having repaired flashguns in the past I will have a go at repairing it myself. In the mean time I've just bought the Youngnuo Macro Flash YN-14EX for 81 which includes special delivery.


dordeduca 15-06-18 11:31

a have a similar experience with nikon service

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