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postcardcv 10-01-17 10:19

Fornightly comp - 12th to 29th Jan - ANYTHING GOES
The first competition of the year will run from today Tues 12th Jan to midnight on Sun 29th Jan to give us three weekends. It is a new year and perhaps a some will be embarking on new projects so the while 'anything goes' it might be nice to try something different to what you usually shoot...

The Fortnightly Challenge is open to all members of WPF and the challenge will be run on (GMT) time.

Take and post your photo in this thread between the above dates after which a 3 day poll will be placed in this thread for voting on the photo you think best meets this challenge.

(Please give your photo a title )

The winner picks a challenge for the following fortnight and starts a new thread.

1. One photo per member
2. To be taken during period stated above
3. The photo must include exif data with date and time
4. Post your entry as one attachment directly in this thread
5. No discussion of entries in the thread
6. Do not post any entries in the gallery until after the voting has finished.

Best of luck everybody.

graham harcombe 21-01-17 12:12

So laid back
1 Attachment(s)
I should really like this fortnighly comp to continue, so I'll start the ball rolling with this image taken on the tiny Malaysian Island of Pangkor Laut.

robski 21-01-17 17:31

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Back Seat Driver

postcardcv 23-01-17 14:32

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I've been limited by life getting in the way of photography so haven't had time to venture out for a shot I was hoping to take for this. So here is one that is not so far from my usual as I would have liked, but I could do it in my garden...


Peter Waites 24-01-17 09:22

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Better than nothing - I agree we should try to keep this comp. going.

Dave598 28-01-17 05:02

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postcardcv 30-01-17 12:27

voting now open

graham harcombe 02-02-17 13:49

Ok folks. Time for a new one, give me just a day or so.

Dave598 02-02-17 13:51

congrats Graham nice photo.

Peter Waites 02-02-17 15:50

Congrats Graham - Glad you're setting another.

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