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davet47 03-09-17 14:06

Lens for macro shots
As you will know I'm using the Fuji X system cameras and lenses and the Fuji 60mm macro is too short for my liking-it's also slow to autofocus in certain conditions. The only longer lens with a Fuji mount that seems to be available is the Samyang 100mm f2.8 which gets good reviews but is manual focus and I'm not sure about my manual focusing skills! Does any one have any experience of this lens? or is there anything else I could use? I've looked at using older lenses via an adaptor but they would all be manual focus so if this is the situation the Samyang may be the only option. I would like to be able to try something before investing though.

Ade G 03-09-17 17:23

No knowledge of the lens but I use manual focus for nearly all my handheld macro. Set the focus to minimum distance and move the camera whilst looking through the viewfinder. Practice on flowers which don't move (except in the wind) I would say 100mm macro on your crop sensor will be ideal although the 60mm is 90mm equivalent on full frame. Maybe try the manual focus on the fuji before you splash out on another lens.

Rachael Alice 12-10-17 07:29

No idea about the macro shots but yeah, I used to capture shots with minimum distance for handy macro shot.

petrochemist 21-10-17 22:38

I've always though manual focus was the only way to do macro. I don't necessarily use the minimum focus distance (on some of my setups that would be touching the lens) but final focus is always by moving the camera (or subject).

My focusing skills are not spectacular but for macro they still tend to be better than AF. If I practiced them more I'm sure they'd improve too.

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