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sassan 28-04-22 19:26

Flickr! Do you know what is happening?
Seems that Flickr may restrict/eliminate the free accounts soon. Are you aware and if you have free accounts with some of your pictures parked there, have you made a plan B or C yet? Maybe it's just the right time to at least have a backup locally with yours, in case...

Seems about a year back or so, Flickr was sold to SmugMug. This new experienced owner with sale techniques but with his much-limited resources announced that free accounts will be limited/restricted or eliminated.
I had a recent email saying as of May 1st I can only view Flickr unless I join the pro (Paid) club and not exactly sure what is happening to my images parked there over decades (Not a very large collection but still some memorable ones).

Seems it's time to seriously think about that and additionally this might be a good opportunity for the great web locations s.a. WPF who still offering free parking space for pictures and albums to come in and bring in a lot more customers!

Well, just a thought 🤔 but please look into this, if you already have a free account as time is clicking fast.

blackadder 30-04-22 09:18

Lets hope we get more members on this site as a result Sassan.
Or that some of the "oldies| come back.

sassan 03-06-22 12:07

Here is a link to the latest plan policies and seems it's the content of the free account on the Flickr that will be the subject of restriction.


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