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leandrowurtz 11-07-16 14:37

Repair Manual Yashica FX-D
I have a FX-D Yashica and she constantly has a problem where the mirror lock up and not can use it.
I've taken a few times a care in Brazil, but always around the problem.
I wonder if someone has this machine repair manual or a tutorial of how to disassemble.

I appreciate the attention and help.
Hugs to all
Leandro Wurtz

sassan 21-08-16 06:30

Just saw this thread. Sorry to hear your problem.
I need to know a few more things.
Have you notice when or what is that make the mirror to stuck up, more frequently?
I don't have this particular model but from my own experience, I know that if it is intermittent, it might be something that might be easy fix. If it is always then you surly need a new shutter box.

One thing you should do is to first try to have a very good and reliable battery. So change the battery with a well known brand. Many cameras, specially high end Minoltas can be totally fixed with this simple remedy.

If not fixed, then check with your lens. Is it that if you leave the lens on "Infinity" that the shutter sticks and if it is on near field focus, say 2 or 1 meter, it is free?
If so, its the common problem with "Flange length" that some lenses are too close to the mirror (You see this in today's modern digital cameras, with Full frame camera bodies and some adapted manual lenses).
So use a different lens, especially a long focal length one, say a 135mm or 200mm (Not a zoom). If this fixed the problem, you know what you are dealing with and probably the lens you use, is not made for this particular body.

In any condition, if you have access to ebay, you might find a replacement same model camera at very low 2 digit dollar figure, that should be a lot cheaper than a repair fee. So look around.

Wish you all the best and let us know what happened.

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