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Whbjr24 05-07-17 21:04

Long distance flash
I want to light a waterskier that is backlit by daylight sun. I have tried an SB900 but it just does not reach. I looked at an Elinchrom ELB400 but it's a bit pricey.
The skier is at the end of a 75 foot ski rope. The sb900 is only good for 66 feet at best.
Has anyone been faced with such a lighting predicament? I have shot friends skiing in the past but now my photography has moved to a new level of seriousness and I want the skier backlit through the spray but not end up silhouetted. Tired of that problem.
Thanks in advance.

Gidders 06-07-17 08:46

I think you might need to try a flash extender. I've never used one but have a read of this review

Loads more articles here

Whbjr24 06-07-17 15:43

Flash extender
Thank you! $40 is better than $1800 for an ELB400 so its definitely worth a checkout. If I go this route, I'll post results. Thanks again.

petrochemist 09-07-17 10:41

Sounds like a challenge.
I've seen DIY versions of the 'better beamer' flash extended that might suit the job. Basically a large Fresnel lens, on a reflective cone. The distance & focal length of the lens being chosen for the distance the beam needs to travel...
Another option might be to get you light closer to the waterskier. If you can arrange powerful LED lighting in a waterproof enclosure fastened to the ski rope, it should be possible to add some light that way.

sassan 24-02-19 12:39

Not sure if this is on interest but I found this little guy (Add on flash extender to your regular camera's pop up flash) obviously for non professional cameras, only for $10 so said to myself, why not to try it as it seems comes quit handy in needed situations and appears flexible, versatile, durable and cheap enough. Once I receive it in mail and have a better understanding as how it work, I'll add more here, if all worked well.
LINK to spects
LINK to a review

dordeduca 22-12-19 13:09

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BrittanyLogan 15-03-20 19:33

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