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Paul Iddon 05-07-21 11:36

Bdellidae - deadly hunter
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Hi folks. This is my first post with images since joning today...

This is...

Bdellidae. Snout Mite. Feasting on an elongate springtail. Up there with my current favourite insect just now. Nature is so brutal isn't it?

Got a photobomb from a Arachnida ( Acari - Mites ) - Oribatida in the last one too !


miketoll 05-07-21 21:31

The proper names go right over my head I'm afraid but the shots are superb. Yes nature is brutal but fascinating.
I reckon the photos ought to go in the Gallery as the best place to be seen.

Paul Iddon 06-07-21 00:43

Thanks Mike.

They are in the gallery now.


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