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jamieZ740 31-12-07 09:39

Say Hello - Self Portrait Thread
Lets all put a face to the username!

Jasons suggestion and i thought it'd be good a while back..

maybe foxy will make it a sticky?

Canis Vulpes 31-12-07 09:45

A good idea, consider this thread stuck!

jamieZ740 31-12-07 09:50

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andy153 31-12-07 10:35

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Hello All and a Happy New Year! My avtar is me - honest - if I did it bigger I'd only scare people away!

Canis Vulpes 31-12-07 11:38

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Here is my self portrait....

yelvertoft 31-12-07 15:13

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Taken at one of Debbi's niece's wedding about 4 years ago, this photo has made me realise how lean I was back then. Put on a bit of weight since I stopped bike racing.

Rudra Sen 01-01-08 16:23

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Shot last year...

Saphire 01-01-08 16:49

Nice to meet you Rudra.

Mrs Yelvertoft 01-01-08 17:15

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Two for the price of one - "Mr & Mrs Yelvertoft", aka Duncan & Debbi, at a wedding almost 2 years ago.

Rudra Sen 01-01-08 17:26


Originally Posted by Saphire (Post 25839)
Nice to meet you Rudra.

My pleasure madam Saphire..

Mr and Mrs Duncan...great shot and Duncan looks like a math professor..:D

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