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Peewit 17-03-12 15:41

Unusable Card Reader
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Hi there

I bought a Card Reader from Jessops a while back. since we have three types of camera we felt this would be a better option for us.

I find it impossible to use the reader now. I could use it a while back under a blue light, and it was fine. Now it shows and white light next to the blue - what does it mean?

It does not register anything when plugged into the allocated socket to show it is picking up anything at all. I have tried downloading through general photo packages like Pisasa 3 and Gimp but to no avail.

It one from Jessops, and I have enclosed a photo of the Card Reader itself.

Is to do with the size/amount of the photos I have on the memory card?

Any help/suggestions would be appreciated


Teuchter 17-03-12 23:31

I experienced something similar and it turned out that the card reader I was using could not cope with 'big' cards no matter how few pix were on it! Can't remember any more details at the moment. (Another senior moment late-ish on a Saturday nite!):rolleyes:

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