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mikew 21-12-19 09:02

What do you see
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It makes me wonder what i should see, it was wet cold and miserable i saw the chance of a photograph, the women looks like she sees a piece of rubbish, then to my surprise and shame a young guy in a suit came up to him and gave him a coffee and sandwich,i heard him say i just bought these but i think you need them more.

blackadder 27-12-19 09:38

I see a reminder that the woman is only a payday away from being in the same position.

BrittanyLogan 25-06-20 17:35

great shot, you're a real pro!

luckypiglive 20-06-21 09:35

well, you could drop him also a 10 pound note for the picture. the woman, looks to me like shes shocked

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