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blackadder 06-05-19 11:54

Got back from the museum yesterday afternoon and tried to take the SD card from my camera,
I had to really pull to get it to release and once out it seemed to have "bristles" between the contacts.
I could not remove them and realised it was the dividers between the contacts and had broken off at the leading edge.
I have never had this before and wondered if any of you have experienced it.
The card was a Lexar Pro SDH and about 4 years old.
I usually use the Lexar CF card to transfer images but the i Mac only has an SD slot, so I had to use the CF and a card reader.
Thank heavens for a camera with two card slots.

wolfie 06-05-19 21:27

Charles what's wrong with using Wi-Fi. Alternatively how about using the LexarŽ Professional Workflow line of products which can take 4 different cards. a few years ago I got fed up of the run of the mill readers and bought the 4 bay storage hub. Actually I only use two bays one for CF & one for SD.

LexarŽ Professional Workflow line of products

blackadder 07-05-19 09:11

Thanks for the reply wolfie, I have the Lexar Professional USB 3 (high speed) dual slot card reader, I got it two weeks ago, (just in time), I never gave a thought to Wi-Fi but will have a look at it, I will still need the reader though as I use a Fuji XT2 as well if I am going out and want a good camera but not the size or weight of the 5D Mk4.
Thanks again and I will have a go at Wi-Fi transfer.

wolfie 07-05-19 12:18

Hi Charles, I use wi-fi occassionally as I have to give up my SD card slot on the 7Dmk11. That's why I prefere the Lexar. I assume you have two modules in the Lexar are both CF?


blackadder 07-05-19 13:41

Hi wolfie, the Lexar reader has one CF and one SD slot, its a very fast one too, USB3 second generation Model LRW400U. It is a clamshell design so you can close it when not in use to stop dust etc getting in. I got it from Wex. just put in "card readers".
I got it as now I have changed to an iMac 27"5K it only has an SD slot and it is in the back of the computer, the card that failed is the one I last used in the card slot.
Out of interest wolfie why have you had to give up the SD slot on your 7DMk 11?

wolfie 07-05-19 18:30

Charles the 7D M11 did not come with WI_FI so Canon conjured up a sulution using an SD card, so If you want WI-FI you have to use the SD slot in the camera which leaves just the CF card slot for photography. Not a problem for me as I don't take many photos now.
A couple of 32mb cards is more than sufficient.


blackadder 08-05-19 08:31

Ah, I heard about that, I must say that even on event days at the museum a 32GB card is ample for me, I take around 80 shots during the day and the card can store over 300.
I think larger cards are for "machine gunners" who take hundreds of exposures so they can get some "keepers" and delete the rest.

Peter Waites 09-05-19 10:01

I just use the USB slot on the camera. Am I missing something/

blackadder 09-05-19 12:11

Not really Peter, it is just preference / habit I guess.
I have always used a card reader either in the computer or external since I switched from film to digital many years ago.( remember the micro HDs before memory cards?)
The other thing I looked at when I changed to Apple Mac was the fact that the USB cable with the camera was the "old" type ( slower transfer) and the adapter was more than getting a high speed reader.
Horses for courses I suppose, we all have our preferred ways of doing things, that's what makes for variety in life and photography.
Thanks for the observation Peter.

wolfie 09-05-19 20:33

Peter. As Charles says it's just down to preference, Over the years I've head of people having problem with the USB port on their cameras, Mainly the port being damaged by constant connecting/disconecting of the cable.
Charles much the same as you my second CF card was a micro drive, as it was the only way to get a decent sized CF. I also closed down my darkroom with the advent of digital, my first decent digital camer being the Minolta 7D which was sometime during 2001.


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