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sassan 25-08-19 03:56

A unique Sigma Camera
If you are into cameras long enough, you probably remember that transitional period between the hard switch between film and digital cameras. That is mid to end of the 1990s say 1995, crossing Millenium into the beginning of 2000 years when cameras looked anything but what has been the look for more than half a century of norm camera shape and body...

Then came a regression and a return to the norm, when DSLRs again looked like any typical film SLRs (Sometimes indistinguishable) and PnS cameras, just the same.

But seems Sigma again has broken the tradition in the past few years with their sophisticated, yet relatively small size mirrorless camera bodies, the DP series. When the product has a fixed lens, with the number after DP, representing an indication to focal length, a higher focal length lens having a larger number but the same excellent, high rez, relatively low budget sensor.

The DP0, zero being the lowest of the series, so the widest angle, i.e. 14mm (FF SLR equivalent of 20mm or so) is not for everyone but probably for a landscape photographer who is patient, who is IQ freak and who is on a low budget. It's said that IQ (Image Quality) of this cropped sensor camera is in par with Medium format, with the same across the board sharpness, corner to corner. Thanks go to a specialized sensor that has individual color sensors for every pixel of the image!

LINK to Product page Sigma DP0

LINK to a video clip

LINK to Price sample

I am interested to know if any has a first hand on the product or even opinion on this mater. So please share your opinion or experience.

sassan 28-08-19 19:08

Talking of the weird photography tools in unusual shape and size, how about a look at this L - O - N - G lens. No not Focal length wise. Physical size!!!
I call it "Pinocchio not telling the truth lens"!!!!!!!!

LINK To Venus Optics Laowa
LINT to Amazon

And if you wonder what this unusual shape can contribute to, here is an explanation:
(What a crazy WORLD)!!!


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