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sassan 12-04-20 04:38

A quiz for you! Fastest lens?
Well folks, hows your quarantine days going on?
How about a quiz?
You surely always wanted to have a fast lens. Maybe you own that F2.8, or 1.8 or 1.4 or... But what do you think is THE FASTEST LENS ever built???
Well make sure to at least make a numerical guess, if you don't know it for sure, write for us here and then only, look at the answer below:


sassan 14-04-20 00:55

On the same page &... For anyone interested in the topic of fast lenses and an optical lens under F/1, this also might be an interesting clip to watch so get the popcorn ready and stretch for a nice show...that is unless you know a better plan to spend your quarantine time without sharing to others!🤔


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