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plugsnpixels 18-08-18 04:52

Just released: Topaz A.I. Gigapixel
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Topaz just released a new standalone app for major upsizing of all types of images.

See more info and examples on my blog post.

Rachael Alice 18-08-18 07:50

Nice App. Helpful!

plugsnpixels 19-08-18 00:03

Thanks and glad you enjoyed it!

Rachael Alice 21-08-18 07:50

Yea, its very useful indeed.

plugsnpixels 25-08-18 20:53

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I did an interesting follow-up set of tests.

I received an email today asking why I hadn't also tested BenVista PhotoZoom Pro 7 against Topaz Gigapixel. Well, here you go ;-)

plugsnpixels 08-09-18 07:19

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I spent a lot of time testing A.I. Gigapixel with challenging lower-res digital images from the last decade and a half, but then I realized that scans of even older film-based images might see some benefit.

See the results in my latest blog post.

Rachael Alice 10-09-18 12:37

Laudable work!

plugsnpixels 10-09-18 17:48

Thanks for checking them out!

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