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blackadder 02-04-19 10:54

Getting there
I am finally getting my new I Mac 27" 5K to do what I want it to, just a few more procedures to sort. It works on different logic to Windows and as I am getting to understand it I am beginning to love it!
The display is great, beautiful definition and colour.
During my trials and tribulations I had to buy some "add ons", I have uprated the RAM from 8 to 24 Gb, added a G Tech 4Tb external thunderbolt HD (very simple to set up), an ASUS ZEN DVD writer, (not so simple and uses two USB slots), very easy to burn discs now, a Datacolor Spyder 5X pro to calibrate the screen (all set up and done), and a shielded USB Hub.
I still can't see why all my images get stored in 3 places at the same time and deleting from one file takes them out of all the files (hence the external HD),
I have done a complete system back up on the external as well, it took15 mins and takes up 6.7 GB.
The main task I need to sort is sending images here, at the moment I save to a flash pen, open in elements, re size, close, then log in and select my images from the pen and post.
There must be an easier way, I just need to work it out.
Anyway, am I glad I went Mac?................I am now and won't be going back to Windows.

Peter Waites 03-04-19 09:36

Glad you're getting there Charles - perseverance always pays.

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