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Toviomas 22-05-19 10:39

Canon 70 - 200mm F/4 for portraits?
Looking to get the 70 - 200mm. Now before saying I should get a prime lens of 85mm, I'm not really looking to take many portraits. I'm a landscape photographer and this is on my list. However, I really need something that could just take portraits of my gf and then after that it would be used for landscapes. So yeah really just need to snap a few portraits with it and then I'll be happy since I can keep it for my landscapes. What are your opinions on this?

postcardcv 22-05-19 18:42

Hi and welcome to WorldPhotographForum.

I think that a 70-200 f4 is a great lens for both landscape and portrait use (for portraits the f2.8 version does have an advantage but is heavier and more expensive).

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