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Originally Posted by sassan View Post
Just came across this site (Camera Manual Library at Orphan Cameras) that is for free and really useful, so I thought to put it up here for benefit of anyone else who likes to see those older manuals that are gone by now. Actually the site keeps all the manuals from late 90s till now and definitely comes handy when you've undusted your old camera for re-use or in an impulsive move, bought that old vintage camera and lens or bag of cameras from a thrifty shop or eBay or other online service...
Have fun and a donation for the site owner / keeper can show your gratitude, if that is what you get there and what ensures maintenance of the site.

I've used that site occasionally in the past for much older cameras. I couldn't find exactly the right model for my 4x5 camera, but they had ones which were certainly close enough. And there have been several cameras from the 50's where I did find the exact model.
The sites also good for flash gun manuals.

It's become my first port of call for manuals.

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