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Wow, I have learned quite a lot today, got so many links(interesting ).Thanks to Don Hoey ,Stephen Fox & of course lello.Deep inside I know I have to keep coming back to learn more.This is my "referance point" .BTW, Lello finally I succeeded in making " Home made ring flash".God I was so excited that I just could not believe my own eye when I saw the images.To be true to you,I used Jonney walker(Black label) bottle placed on the golden reflecting surface with "tabletop globe" as a touch for class. Light was evenly spreaded.Reflections were well contolled ( I think that is the hardest test one can put you into).Infact the texture too have come to very commandable level.I use to do lot of "photoshop work" to rectify my images.But after this I am convert.Infact my local kodak outlet personel also shocked to know that my "that image has no PS work ".I think you are going to get "more follower" in near future.Now at the same breath let me thank to all the members of this forum for all the pains and labours you all are going through will not go wasted.It will be remembered through the excellent and the brillient pictures that will be produced through the knowdage you provide.That is the 'ovation" for you all.Thank you all once again

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