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Default The Yorkshire Coast - Mark Denton

This book was issued in 2006. Mark Denton is one of Britain's finest young landscape photographers, his work principally covering the North of England. There are about 105 photographs all of high quality, as you would expect.

There is a reasonable length essay on the techniques and equipment used which is very interesting and well worth reading. His main camera is a 6 * 17cm format Fuji G617 and he still uses film (Fuji Velvia 50asa) for reasons which he explains best.

All shots are in a panoramic format and he makes interesting references to the work of Joe Cornish and a book by Colin Prior Scotland The Wild Places which I will have to follow up.

The photographs themselves are roughly evenly split between desolate beaches in early morning or late evening and coastal landmarks such as lighthouses, Whitby Abbey, Scarborough and the rest.

I think it is an excellent book, well laid out and it provides a lot of guidance on technique and positioning. Perhaps one of the best points about is that the more or less exact location of each spot can be calculated and the information at the back provides shutter speed, exposure and month that the shot as taken.

I have just done a quick search on the internet for any interesting links and I came up with which gives a link to get a signed and dedicated book for 16. However Amazon is offering it unsigned for 10.50

Decisions decisions
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