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Just been reading elsewhere about another technique to reduce the harsh flash issues you found on your first attempt. The suggestion was to set the camera to manual mode and adjust the settings to give -1 stop exposure under the ambient lighting conditions, bumping up the ISO if needed. The general ambient lighting will probably not be changing that much in your hall, so it shouldn't be necessary to tweak it that much during your photo session. Having fixed these settings to give -1 stop underexposed from ambient, fit the flashgun and set it to TTL auto mode and use the flash to provide the additional lighting needed to bring up the 1 stop needed to get the exposure right. The flashgun will need to vary its output depending on camera to subject distance, hence the flash needs to be set to TTL auto. By balancing ambient with flash this way it apparently reduces the harshness of the flash seen on your first images and softens the shadows.

I've had no direct experience of using this technique, but I saw it described as a solution to exactly the kind of issues you're having and thought it may be of use to you or someone else.


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