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Nikon 80-200mm f/2.8 AF (1988) Question

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Old 21-09-18, 10:12
nikhilkgomes nikhilkgomes is offline  
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Location: mumbai
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Default Nikon 80-200mm f/2.8 AF (1988) Question

Hi yall

I recently bought an 80-200 push pull for 150$ and took it in to be serviced!

The repair quote came back to be $300.

SHould i get the service done or should I just keep it as is?


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Old 23-09-18, 09:50
postcardcv's Avatar
postcardcv postcardcv is offline
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Hi and welcome to the forum.

Does the lens work ok as it is? Why did you take it in for service/repair. If it is working as is then she it doesn’t need a service but if it needs the service to function correctly it might be worth it. I am not familiar with this lens, would you have been happy to pay $450 for the lens? If not it might be better to sell the lens and buy a different one.
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Old 19-08-20, 20:24
roundcubetwo roundcubetwo is offline  
Join Date: Aug 2020
Location: Nevada
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What exactly needs to be fixed?
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Old 20-08-20, 12:56
petrochemist's Avatar
petrochemist petrochemist is offline  
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The push pull zooms I've met have all been manual focus & most of them wouldn't sell now for anything like $150!
You list the lens as AF & f/2.8 which do put it in a different bracket

Which body are you trying to use it on? Older Nikon AF lenses use a screw drive system that's not supported by many of the current bodies. Apparently metering can also be an issue. So you may a different body rather than fixing the lens!

I'm not a Nikon user but I believe the more basic bodies only work properly with G series lenses, which weren't made till well after 1988.

Pentax K5ii & Panasonic G5 user (with far too many bits to list)
Member of North Essex Photographic Workshop
Also online with PentaxUser.co.uk, Flickr, MU-43, MFLenses...
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Old 19-02-22, 12:39
leahvid leahvid is offline  
Join Date: Feb 2022
Location: Nevada
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I bought the lens as is, and could not really ask questions about the lens until it was shipped to me.

The repairs are as followed:

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Old 17-06-24, 18:58
sharonsky sharonsky is offline  
Join Date: Jun 2024
Posts: 7

I have this lens and it's really a great one !!!
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