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What camera should I buy?

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Old 21-09-18, 10:06
ujwalpoojary ujwalpoojary is offline  
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Default What camera should I buy?

I've decided to make photography my hobby. I want to get a mid range camera (is that a good idea or is lower better for now?), I don't plan on upgrading for a year or two, I figure it will take me some time and a lot of practice to go for something better if need be later on. My budget is around $500, it can be a little more if it makes sense. I keep browsing on amazon and I feel overwhelmed as I know nothing about these cameras but I really want one. I've read a few posts here and there and watched some stuff on youtube, however I don't know anyone I can ask irl and I just would like for someone to make sense of buying a camera. Do I need the Canon EOS Rebel T6 with bundle (I don't know what I'm looking at in those dslr bundles and I don't know if it's a deal or trash) for $ 550 on amazon (can I post a link at what I'm looking at or can you guys pull it up by searching amazon?) or would just a camera and a certain lense do it for awhile? I would like to be able to use it to take pictures of my husbands band playing indoors/outdoors at night and during the day. I would love to be able to take nice shots of my kids playing sports (football & ballet) as well as close ups. I think these cameras can handle taking a decent video as well? It would be used for birthdays or holidays (where on the camera would the sound be recorded or is that an extra? I can't figure this one out at all, sorry if it is dumb to ask.) See this is where I wouldn't mind going over the budget because I was planning on buying a video cam that can record at night but if a photo cam can handle the occasional video that would be awesome and square away that purchase. I just don't know if it would be able to record in the dark is that even a thing with these types of cameras?

Thank you for reading through my scattered brain post, please help
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Old 23-09-18, 09:56
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It sounds like you want a camera that will perform well in a wide range of situations which can be hard to do. Taking photos of a band playing indoor at night will require a fast lens to get the best results and for sports you would want a reasonable long fast lens, bundled lenses are not going to be ideal for either of these uses. Just about all current cameras will shoot video and come with a built in microphone (this is often mono and not the best quality but an external mic can be added for better sound recording). While these cameras can shoot video in quite low light they cannot perform as well as a dedicated video camera with low light (0 lux) mode.
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Old 18-12-19, 08:34
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I belive theat The photographer īs a good Point and make The thik to change not camera
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