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Cameras Discussion on Cameras of all types

Which camera should I buy?

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Old 19-01-10, 18:15
Alex1994's Avatar
Alex1994 Alex1994 is offline
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The features you need on an SLR are:

1: Nice big viewfinder. This is where you compose the photo after all, you'll be looking in there all the time.

2: Back in the day a decent shutter was necessary, though these days it's all electronic. Good ISO range and performance throughout the range is important.

3: Provision for a decent lens that fits your budget. Shouldn't be an issue with major manufacturers.

Anything else is purely ancillary and depends a lot more on preference e.g. someone who travels a lot may want a smaller/lighter camera. But the basics are up there.
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Old 19-01-10, 18:47
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I take lots of shots on a compact (Canon Ixus 950) which has been a great little pocket camera. I also have a couple of Canon DSLR and various lenses and what this gives me over the compact is options. Low light, fast shooting (8fps) more flash options and of course a wide selection of focal length. The other thing the DSLR gives is control so there is much more control of depth of field and shutter speed effects and of course at the end of the day higher technical quality. Will a DSLR make you a better photographer? NO. What it does is open up different types of photography, sometimes making the impossible possible or far easier. I like both types of camera, horses for courses. Oh yes, it can be very satisfying and fun to learn how to use the DSLR and explore those possibilities.
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Old 15-08-10, 22:28
juanodaxis's Avatar
juanodaxis juanodaxis is offline  
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Originally Posted by gaz View Post
This is so true - I have owned 3 DSLR's in a space of 4 months because 2 of the models i just could not get along with as the features made taking pictures complicated to me which in itself was taking the enjoyment away from it.
Hi Gaz. Just out of curiosity, what did you end up with?
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Old 07-11-10, 19:53
rubin rubin is offline  
Join Date: Nov 2010
Posts: 1

Thanks yelvertoft for your post! I also want to know this! I'm new here. Also I'm a new photographer. I'm so much interested in photography. Although I have a old camera but I want to buy a new camera, So it will help me a lot. Thanks again
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Old 07-11-10, 20:32
Benjamin Kanarek's Avatar
Benjamin Kanarek Benjamin Kanarek is offline
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Location: Paris, France
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Originally Posted by rubin View Post
Thanks yelvertoft for your post! I also want to know this! I'm new here. Also I'm a new photographer. I'm so much interested in photography. Although I have a old camera but I want to buy a new camera, So it will help me a lot. Thanks again
You are welcome!
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Old 07-08-11, 13:19
TR3K's Avatar
TR3K TR3K is offline  
Join Date: Aug 2011
Location: Tame Valley, England
Posts: 5

So should I buy a Canon 1000d or a Nikon d3000 ?

Just kidding as someone looking to buy there first DSLR I found your post very informative, after trying out a few different brands I'm leaning towards Canon.
More Human than Human
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Old 16-03-14, 17:48
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Ade G Ade G is offline  
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I have an analogy that may or may not apply. I have been riding mountain bikes for 25yrs, for some reason people often ask my advice on whether brand X or model Y is any good. I usually say there are no bad bikes out there now a days.. Just different price brackets. You get different specs for each budget. At the cheaper end it may well not do what you want (ride down serious mountains or even ride round a trail center) or last too long if used frequently.

I usually say first thing is consider your budget and within reason stick to it (its easy to get carried away).

Consider your level of experience, little point starting with top of the range if you're just starting out.

Consider what you want to do with it and how often you will use it. Don't spend a fortune on something you will only use occasionally (is it a fad?)

I guess the same applies to cameras (or any other pastime for that matter)

I currently own my 1st digital camera (Canon G12) purchased a year ago on Ebay. I have decided I will be buying my 1st DSLR this year. Hopefully I will be taking my own & other sensible advice on this thread!!
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Old 16-03-14, 23:31
Gidders's Avatar
Gidders Gidders is offline  
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Great analogy
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Old 22-07-19, 17:37
Zebieylin Zebieylin is offline
Join Date: Jul 2019
Posts: 2

hello dear all,

Well, I'm stuck in a photographic mid-live crisis! Despite being an all-analog camera junkie since the last 5 years, I must admit that I just can't find the time to process , edit, print, scan etc ..all my films. Also, after 5 years of film only cameras, I see myself enjoying my girlsfriend x100 very much! (seeing directly the picture you just made, tweaking your exposure or reframing on the spot if it doesn't do it, is actually quite nice...)
So, I decided to sell some of my stuff (including some nice MF cameras etc) to buy a digital camera

So, I'm thinking of 3 cameras right now:

Sony RX1

Pros: Full Frame, compact, 35mm
It doesn't bother being a single lens camera, as I'm used to mostly shoot with one 35mm lens anyway.


Expensive, would have to sell a lot of cameras (including my leicas) to afford it..

Ricoh GRD:
pros : very compact
cons: 28mm focal lens (I like 35 better),

Fuji Xe1:
pros :compatible with my leica lenses
cons: not as much resolution as a rx1
( I would have the option to print very large if I intend to...)

Of cours digital Leica would be my prefered choice,. But I think those are just overpriced right now...
What do you think? What would be your choice?
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Old 08-10-19, 21:36
Amane_Sgfm Amane_Sgfm is offline  
Join Date: Oct 2019
Location: Germany
Posts: 2
Smile Which camera is better!

Hello, everybody! The description is perfect. But there are cameras of the same developer and almost the same features. Which is better: this one https://cameravs.com/Nikon-D5 or this https://cameravs.com/Nikon-D3. Thanks for answer!
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