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Monitor Resolutions

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Old 24-10-15, 23:10
wolfie's Avatar
wolfie wolfie is offline  
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Default Monitor Resolutions

What resolution monitors are members using? The reason I ask is---

For the past few years I've been using an HP ISP wide gamut monitor calibrated with a Spyder and must admit to being over the moon with it. For my birthday my wife and daughter have just bought me the Asus MX27AQ ISP 27 inch WQHD (25601440) and then I see what I've been missing all these years. The difference is like chalk and cheese.

When I connected the new monitor I thought initially that the screen was covered in dirt in one area, I was about to start cleaning the screen, but decided to view a different photo to my desktop image shown below. Low and behold no dirt to be seen, so I switched back to the desktop and yes all the dirt was again showing. Being a little slow witted It took a minute or two to realise the problem.

My desktop picture is of the Vulcan bomber I posted a few days ago and the dirt is actually particals from the aircrafts exhaust, also the turbulence is also very noticable. None of this is noticable on my HP 1920 x 1200 monitor.

I guess we spend a small fortune on our camera equipment and vertually never see on screen all of what the camera has taken.

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Old 25-10-15, 09:01
graham harcombe's Avatar
graham harcombe graham harcombe is offline  
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Interesting post Harry. I have never ventured into buying a more capable monitor, but I think I must consider it in the light of what you say.
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Old 17-10-16, 22:49
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The last session of a recent photography course was about monitor resolution - I realised at the course that I've never thought of this and dread to think what my photographs are really like. Agree with you about spending on camera equipment and forgetting about monitors. From my point of view I'm too scared to think about it!
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Old 18-12-19, 08:49
dordeduca's Avatar
dordeduca dordeduca is offline  
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I work with 2 monitor 900x1440 and i have a problem because first have VGA ca le ans secund have dvi cable
My blog general blog
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Old 18-12-19, 09:03
blackadder's Avatar
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I use a 27 inch 5K monitor calibrated every 50 hours use with a Data colour Spyder X pro.
I used to use an Eizo 27 inch self calibrating screen but decided to change it when it got to three years old. The difference with the 5K screen is amazing, far more detail and better colour. Like you I found more detail and ended up going through my archives re editing a lot of images.
I also have my eyes tested for vision and colour perception every year,(also part of getting good images).
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