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Photography Books & Magazines Read any? Can you recommend any? Dislike any? This is the place to let us know!

Books for Beginners - what would you recommend?

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Old 02-12-12, 16:40
GHK GHK is offline
Join Date: Nov 2012
Location: Lake District - UK
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Originally Posted by Leif View Post
I would recommend books by John Shaw. They are getting a bit outdated as far as the equipment is concerned, given that they were written in the pre-digital age, but the basics of exposure, aperture, composition, and so on are as well described as anywhere. Leif
I agree; he is one of the best writers on landscape and natural history that we have seen in many years.
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Old 15-04-16, 08:03
EdR EdR is offline  
Join Date: Apr 2016
Location: SE Michigan USA
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Originally Posted by Marmeduke View Post
I have always found 'The Photographer's Eye - Composition and Design for Better Digital Photos' by Michael Freeman a real help. It's great on the things that make a strong photo but can't normally be summed up in a quick lesson. It got me thinking about the principles of effective photos and helped me to take less 'almost' shots! I definitely recommend it!
I would +1 with a !! this one. There are two versions, this one and the Graphical Guide. They approach the same compositional material from different perspectives, I have and recommend both.
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Old 23-05-16, 16:24
LindaAdams LindaAdams is offline
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Location: Belgrade
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Originally Posted by Baycat View Post
As a begginer myself I can highly reccommend 'The Art Of Photographing Nature' by Martha Hill and Art Wolfe. As the title suggests, this non-technical book deals with the art of producing great wildlife photos and discusses such things as isolating the subject, composition, colour, dof, reading the light.... The book uses side by side comparison of similar photographs to discuss why one photo is superior to the other. This book is a pleasure to read and is packed full of Art Wolfes' beautiful photographs.
Couldn't agree more Amazing book!
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