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Nikon D3000 off and on Flash HEEEELLLLP!

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Old 23-02-14, 19:25
Daley-wilson Daley-wilson is offline  
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Location: Rossendale
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Default Nikon D3000 off and on Flash HEEEELLLLP!

Hi everyone hope your all well.

ill simply cut to the chase and apologize for any repeat thread topic i may mention , but ultimately im in a pickle!

basically i own a Nikon D3000, and i simply love this Camera (as basic as it may be)

given the location i live which is undoubtedly stunning, naturally i chose to photograph the beautiful landscapes that it offers.
however, i really want to break into portrait photography and after many hours researching and digging my self around and deeper into the world wide web i find my self in a bigger state of confusion than i started.

so here is my question.

what are my options for on and off camera flashes?
all threads i have read have just turned my head into mush and i feel i really need somebody to pick me up and show me the way, (tell me exactly what i need basically).

so if anybody out there could possibly help me out and spare five minutes to explain in layman terms id be massively grateful.

thanks guys in advance
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Old 01-03-14, 12:11
surfg1mp's Avatar
surfg1mp surfg1mp is offline  
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All you need to know about off camera flash with speedlights is here... http://strobist.blogspot.co.uk/2006/...hting-101.html

You can take awesome portraits with natural light, you just need to know how to use it to your advantage.

If it is OCF you are interested in......the the strobist link I posted will help. It can be real confusing at first.

Your camera doesnt have nikons Creative lighting system, which is a system that allows you to control groups of flashes off camera.

So another option is to use a trigger and recievers to fire the flash/flashes.

These can be picked up online for not much money........ yongnuo, phottix, and pocket wizards are such brands, yongnuo being the cheapest and pocket wizards being the more expensive.

Hope this helps

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