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Bounce Flash

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Old 19-08-10, 10:30
buccaneer's Avatar
buccaneer buccaneer is offline  
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Default Bounce Flash

I'm going to a renunion next month - ex Rhodesians/Zimbabweans. It's being held in what I know as a "double volume" restaurant i.e.the ceiling is two stories high. Also, I doubt the ceiling will be white or some pale colour.

My question is; will bounce flash be effective at that height and if not how do I overcome it?

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Old 19-08-10, 10:44
wolfie's Avatar
wolfie wolfie is offline  
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Use such as the omnibounce, or if you're a cheapskate like me, make one from a plastic milk container.


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Old 19-08-10, 16:19
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as wolfie says, a stofen type defuser will do the trick.....you could pick one up pretty cheap on ebay.
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Old 20-08-10, 16:02
yelvertoft's Avatar
yelvertoft yelvertoft is offline  
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To answer your original question, I think the answer is "no, bouce flash will not be effective at that height". That is, unless you have an unfeasibly powerful flashgun.

Chinese copy stofen diffuser is a lot cheaper than the real thing.
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