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From Lightroom to Photoshop - what settings do you use?

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Old 04-08-15, 17:24
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Default From Lightroom to Photoshop - what settings do you use?

When I've needed to carry out some pixel level editing that I can't accomplish in Lightroom, I've usually exported to Photoshop as an 8 bit PSD file in AdobeRGB colour space.

I've recently had need to upres a files and am now wondering if exporting to any of 16 bit, or Prophoto RGB or TIFF would give noticeably better results?

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Old 07-08-15, 11:16
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Clive I always do my final editing in CS6, So I always export as 16bit RGB Tiffs. This how I always save and convert as necessary for the web. Just ocassionally I may edit in the 'Nic software plug-in in Lightroom prior to exporting to CS6. Mind you, as I'm retired I have plenty of time to play around

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Old 09-03-16, 18:02
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My advice would be to do everything you possibly can in 16 bit and only go to 8 bit when it is essential, which means mainly when creating JPEGs for projection or the internet. In theory you need 8 bit for printing but you only need to convert with some older software; modern stuff will accept the 16 bit image and do the conversion by default.
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