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Stretch Monitor

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Old 05-01-09, 12:36
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Default Re wide monitor

Originally Posted by buccaneer View Post
I've installed a graphics card; it solved the "stretch" problem and significantly improved the quality of my pictures. However, I have a new problem - the pictures do not fill the left and right sides of the screen i.e. there's a centimetre wide black margin on either side. I've not been back to the dealer as I got fed up with all the to-ing and fro-ing with the first problem.

Is it photgraphs that do not fit the screen or the computer image? If you get lines down the side on full screen images of photographs they are not the same shape as the screen. Wide screen is 1.6:1, Photographs are 1.5:1 or 1.3:1 unless you tell the computer to crop to fill the screen it will only fill to the top edges.

Your new graphics card should have an HDMI output to go to your new monitor. This becomes totally digital so these fit problems should disappear.
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Old 10-06-09, 08:14
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If you go to control panel click on the change screen saver and then i comes up yo should be able to click on a box at the bottom ,one is for normal pics the next is for a tile picture and the third for making the pic as big as the screen .the reason your pics do not fit your screen is you camera shoots in 3-2 ratio and you wide screen is bigger my older pics i had were edited on a square screen and were cropped to fit that screen i know crop to fit my new wide screen so my pics fit ,Hope this helps and wasn;t too rambling
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