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W - o - w ! Mike.
These are amazing.

Your middle picture, "Broad Union" or may I call it TTT or "Time Tunnel Transition" is a mastery of edit to astonishingly convey the topic. At Best!

Your first collage image has too much to see & enjoy... That is beside the very nice history given, including the very nice (And timely sensitive) reference to "Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi" The man who is the creator/designer of one of the most iconic sculptures of our modern world (May I call it One of the Seven Wonder's of our New World"!) the famously elegant "Liberty Enlightening the World" sculpture, that is commonly known as the Statue of Liberty...

I'm surprised that the fire did no damage to the three-story original building (in the back showing identical widows and appearance that looks without a change, since earliest postcard picture of turn or 19th century!!!).
Seems since adding the Annex building to your photography, nothing much is changed except many of the Pines trees are no more in front of the high school building (Seems two have proudly survived!). But the amazing living constants are, first that double tree to the left of the new building that though aged and lost the top of the right side, is standing as proud as before. Then the young tree to its left has grown old, without changing the configuration of branches and handsome shape... And most amazingly, the "Stone Wall"... I can superimpose the stones of your more recent photograph, exactly to the wall image from early 19s... and kudos to the builder (So William Keil, The Healer, and the builder was there!!!). And even more kudos to your pictures that have so beautifully told the story and evolution.

Excellent job in every respect. 👌🙏
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