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Olympus match Panasonic 20mp M4/3 Sensor

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Old 27-01-16, 11:51
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Default Olympus match Panasonic 20mp M4/3 Sensor

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Old 27-01-16, 12:49
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Retro design is something nostalgic and surely will have its own share of followers but other than that and over all I seriously doubt if anyone can beat the marked Sony Mirrorless have created by virtue of their highest tech products and versatility. Then Video enthusiastic will surely follow the Panasonics' GH4 line of products (Pre or post) rigidly. So let see if Olympus can drive anyone to its side by this or any of their new product! But I doubt if this is going to happen. I strongly believe if Olympus is to get a better share of market, they needs to emphasis on cheaper (Significantly and not a gimmick reduction in price) and more variety of lens, as the 4/3 concept was initially born for but somehow missed the concept. Specially that Canon and then Nikon have no real share in Mirroless market and also Samsung, despite great product line/features, possibly due to not being familiar with what photographers want and at the same time, not eager to listen to them (May be too busy with the noise from other side of market to care about photography products).
I have 2 Olympus' older mirrorless that frankly I bought to only to use with adapter and older lenses and are generally taking dust.
I like retro skin but not willing to through a tone of money where there is no serious advantage for me otherwise.
S a s s a n .


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Old 28-01-16, 21:40
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This camera (PEN F) has generated a huge amount of 'debate' over on the 4/3rds rumor website and it's clear that it doesn't have universal appeal!

Personally, I think it looks like it's been designed by a committee - with no absolutely clear aim as to what precisely it's supposed to be! It's certainly about time that a 'Pen' model had a built-in EVF, but by putting it at the left end of the backplate it's almost inviting comparison with rangefinder cameras that are supposed to be ideal for 'street photography,' but the swing-out LCD is not good for that subject. That type of screen is really suited to selfies or video - and nobody's going to pay the PEN F price for those subjects primarily. Serious video shooters will want 4K at this price, for instance.

It'll be interesting to see how long it stays at the launch price and by how much the price drops after a few months.


'Write when there is something you know: and not before: and not too damned much after' Ernest Hemingway
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