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Macro lens?

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Old 02-11-10, 18:15
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A lot of macro enthusiasts actually prefer to use manual focus at genuine macro and greater magnification as it allows you to focus on the precise point you want in focus rather than where a focusing point happens to be. Sometimes done with the focusing ring often done by moving the whole camera lens combo backwards or forwards slightly. For careful work (unusual for me) I often turn the autofocus off.
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Old 03-11-10, 08:16
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Originally Posted by miketoll View Post
A lot of macro enthusiasts actually prefer to use manual focus at genuine macro [snippety snip] For careful work (unusual for me) I often turn the autofocus off.
Me too, use manual focus quite common for my macro work.
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Old 04-11-10, 15:39
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The lens was answered by PM response, and that was quite easy as the Tamron will a/f on the D60 but the Sigma will not. I added the link to that thread as I have no idea what subjects, or at what magnifications bob is looking at, and thought the pics might give an idea as they are between 1:15 and 1:1.

Subject magnification is important in as much as the move from 1:2 to 1:1 increases the lens extension loosing one stop of light. Depending on the sensitivity of the a/f sensor this can affect focussing speed if this is important. I have had a quick play with Stevies 60mm AFD on the D2X and the D100 and the difference is there if a/f speed is an important factor. A/F sensor specs : D2X - Multicam 2000, D100 - Multicam 900, D60 - Multicam - 530.

Any increase in magnification beyond 1:1 will require either a teleconverter or extension tubes and either way will result in even greater loss of light. Even the D100's multicam 900 a/f now struggles in less than bright conditions, so its not going to be any better with the D60 even though its a newer camera.

As to extension tubes, the only tubes that will retain communication between camera body and AFS lenses are Kenko.
Nikon tubes have no electical contacts, so apart from not being able to autofocus AFS lenses, there is no control of the diaphragm. This is all in the thread ' The Ins and Outs of the Nikon Lens Mount '.

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Old 05-11-10, 12:44
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As those here know I use a Raynox DCR250 on the FZ30 and hand hold. I have autofocus on so that it gets me somewhere close, then with the shutter button halfway pressed move the camera back and forward looking for the sharpest point in the LCD, then fully depress the shutter.
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macro, prime, sigma

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