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Action camera Issues

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Old 14-11-17, 07:35
adityavineet adityavineet is offline  
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Default Action camera Issues


I am a Design Engineer trying to build an action camera which is better than the existing ones. I am in a stage of finding hurts of users. Can anyone suggest me the improvements that can be made to the current cameras to make them perfect?
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Old 19-11-17, 05:08
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With all the advancements in today's action cameras, namely significant improvement of Image Stabilization, High MP and rez, norm of 4K in video footage, great wide angle lenses with a significant decrease in distortion etc etc, then on top of all these, daily drop in price, I sincerely wish you luck in what you plan to do.

From my own experience, both with cheap clones and then core standards s.a. GoPro or Sony, I really like to see a better battery life. That is one area that a lot of manufacturers (If not all) have missed. Or even a port to have 12 volt direct feed from say Car to camera to alleviate that ever need to check the batteries in middle of shooting, especially when demand is high, s.a. WiFi & GPS being on. In general WiFi of cheap clones are no were close to more expensive family members and that might be another area of improvement. I always have unsuitability and reliability issues in this regards.

Another area that I can think of is Audio. Mics are always neglected in these device as they are usually used in whether, underwater cage, when in routine use and external mic port is unheard off. I am sure a lot of videographers will welcome a better audio capability, especially to accept the external mic and then having capability of listening to audio at the time of flight and head phone port (May be asking for too much).

Lastly most of these cameras have ultraWide angle lenses and with benefits of that, including better auto focusing and less vibration notice, ,comes the problem of internal reflection and flare. A good lens multi-coating is a definite plus and glass lenses are must. And as of now, I am not aware of anyone offering "Interchangeable Lenses" that though may appear a little too much, may also go as a pioneering point at least on spect page.

Just please forget about 360 and 3D modes that are recipes of failure.
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