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Who remembers? Wet plate!

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Old 17-04-18, 05:08
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Default Who remembers? Wet plate!

Nostalgic or not, there is a unique, mysterious charm in the some of the oldest images known to photographers such as "The black Art" or "Wet plate collodion photography".

Have a look and enjoy:

- - - LINK - - -

S a s s a n .


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Old 19-04-18, 07:46
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This is really nice.
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Old 23-04-18, 18:26
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I doubt there are many photographers alive who have used the wet colloidal process. It's not very user friendly (photos had to be developed almost immediately) & IIRC other processes had pretty much replaced it entirely by 1900. Now I better shut up & follow the link. (Edit) Nice video. His results are certainly better than the family photos in our archive from this process. I suspect our family ones have continued to develop slowly over the years as the whites tend to be pretty dark now. - I think some show oxidation issues too but perhaps that was just the daguerreotypes...

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wet plate photography

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