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Canon 70d video footage test/review

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Old 24-07-14, 22:20
Mike Brehaut Mike Brehaut is offline  
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Default Canon 70d video footage test/review


I bought a 70d a while back as a second cam for weddings (backup for 5d3) and was very impressed with the autofocus in live view. It's excellent and makes getting subjects in focus very easy.

A video portfolio was planned, shooting a moving subject outdoors in all kinds of light was the plan. We used a dolly, steadycam and monopod.

The way it focusses in the harshest lighting conditions is amazing, occasionally it misses or goes out of focus but is straight back looking for the subject. Some of these shots were backlit by a harsh setting sun which is a stern a test as we could find.

There are of course times when manual focus is preferred, but for fast moving outdoor sunny run and gun type (weddings) it's fantastic.

We used 24fps and 50fps, at 50th and 100th shutter speed, autofocus and everything else manual, aperture/iso. Lenses, 40mm pancake, 70/200 f/4 and a 17/40 f/4

I'll have to say it's a great camera, we've not shot any stills on it apart from the custom white balance and any sound we record separately so I've not tested the onboard sound.

Here's the footage http://vimeo.com/101626891
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Old 29-07-14, 03:45
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sassan sassan is offline  
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'Dual Pixel CMOS AF' is the mojo you refer to and truly Canon 70 is a fun to have when AF in LV and video shooting is in mind. In combination with your 5Diii they make a heck of complimentary gadget, second to none. Lucky your costumers! I am sure other manufacturers and more new other Canon's will have this feature soon.
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