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The newest in aerial photo videography

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Old 26-06-15, 07:57
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Default The newest in aerial photo videography

The aerial photography and videography has been revolutionized with the advent of DJI and cheaper drones and quad-Multi-coopers.
But they tend to be a bit difficult to operate, need knowledge of knowing how, then adding camera, gimbal, First Person Video FPV, etc.
Now the world is even more shaken with a simple camera in air that even grand mom and grandpa can use with ease. Lily Camera is the name of the new game and its a highly capable, steady, quadcoopter / drone that provides you the best of aerial shooting, namely:

- Can fly off your hand or by throwing it in the air. Comes back to top of your head and with push of a bottom descend to palm of your hand. If you have had experience with DJI or likewise drones, you know how easy it is to damage your propeller by landing or even sometimes taking off on an uneven surface where drone may hit objects or simply while landing, falls forward.

- Follow mode. Camera in air, will follow you (You wearing the tracking device that is the same as controller) and otherwise no need of any attention but to continue with sport, say ski, wake boarding behind a boat, surfing, skating biking etc. Opposite of this mode is "Lead" when Lily is ahead of moving subject and shoots backward, to include you, your action, as you moving toward the moving camera!

- It is waterproof and you can let it fly off the water!

- Has 20 minutes of flight time, so you have enough time for the action.

- Controller is extremely simple, few bottom, round device (Has tracker in it also) and can be worn within a waterproof wrist band. You simple do not need to have any piloting capability. Guess my wife is going to love this one.

- Has loop mode that once air born and at the right high, circles around you and shows the world surrounding you, from an eagle eye point, with no need of any piloting or camera control technique to learn.

- 12 MP still picture. 1080 60fps video built in. No need of gimble etc. Camera core is the same as GoPro 3 black edition, Sony sensor.

- Very portable and easily too.

- Its offered even cheaper than GoPro, it contains and no GoPro flies by themselves!

- Very smart microphone to record sound along with the video footage, but till now, most DJIs either didn't have microphone on their dedicated camera (DJI phantom 2 vision plus) or the on drone mic would take too much unwanted, annoying sound of propellers. Lily has a mic on the Tracker that is worn by the operator, so you can add sound by talking regarding the place and situation, as camera on drone, is taking you images from nearby air. Wonder why no one thought of it till now!

- The Only Cons is lack of Object Awareness sensor, so has to be flied in an open area only, probably for now, till the newer version comes with some sort of radar etc to have an eye for the objects and avoidance. And I have no knowledge of who makes them, but can guarantee you, this is going to be the next added feature.

Just watch this clip and you can see exactly what this fantastic shooting machine is capable of. Aren't we lucky to live in these days?


This thing is amazing.
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