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Game changer in a "Flash"!

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Old 05-09-17, 04:03
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Default Game changer in a "Flash"!

Years back, when for the first time I saw LED stepping into shoes of incandescent light bulbs, to illuminate our dark work, in a more efficient and less costly way, I knew we should expect it to soon show up to replace our photography flash light as well. Question was when and not if. Seem the time is ripe and they are here to be the real game changer. So if you are to invest into a heavy cost flash setup, you may want to think twice as your entire tools could be obsolete in a blink of eye....


This LED flash, Neo 2 as featured in this clip, appears very promising; High speed sync, instant recycling time, uniform color temperature, soft pleasant intense light, low working temperature, light weight, etc. This particular unit comes with on board wireless trigger.

Has anyone here any first hand experience with this type of light?
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Old 10-09-17, 20:43
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Looks good, won't fit in a pocket though. Would love to see a small ringlight version of this for macro.
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Old 11-09-17, 23:04
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Originally Posted by miketoll View Post
Looks good, won't fit in a pocket though. Would love to see a small ringlight version of this for macro.
There are plenty of LED ringlights available for macro - not with the flash, but I rarely find that necessary with macro. A standard flash at macro distances will over expose most macro shots even on it's lowest power setting. While a dozen or so super bright LEDs at the end of your lens give enough light for fairly fast shutter speeds, and also light the subject for focusing.

The NEO 2 could be a useful option...

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