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Is this the new Canon 5D Mark IV?

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Old 18-08-16, 10:28
black_eagle black_eagle is offline  
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Location: Kolkata
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Default Is this the new Canon 5D Mark IV?

Many websites are reporting this as the new Canon 5D Mark IV. It could well be the one.. Not much design difference from the Mark III though..

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Old 02-09-16, 04:19
sassan's Avatar
sassan sassan is offline  
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Its funny that even Mark III was not a significant change since 5D Mk II, except better AutoFocusing.

Compare to the great legendary Classic 5D, the 5D Mk II was a giant improvement and leap ahead however seems Canon is happy with they had and only new generation changes are notable for skin change and a tad of facelift.

Canon is number one in marketing and they know what they are doing though I can tell you that in recent years they are pushed to corner by the Nikon's 800 line and Sony's most innovative full frame mirrorless cameras that undoubtingly is the future line for all manufacturers, whether they want to get it now or later...

With the hefty price on new 5D IV, it might as well be the best time to go for a decently used 5DII that is more than 4 - 5 times cheaper and delievers a lot in terms of Full Frame, IQ and then Full High Rez video with little to pay.

Hard for me (A born Canonist) to admit this but then truth is the truth and will speak for itself.
S a s s a n .


"Tear down walls of ignorance and narrow-mindedness, for nothing has to stay as it is." AngelaMerkel
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Old 23-11-16, 14:29
Springfield Photo Springfield Photo is offline  
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I have owned every iteration of the 5D series and I cannot agree about the differences between the models. The 5D II was a good camera but the 5D III was a significant improvement i so many ways. The noise levels were better, the auto focus was miles better. Frame rate was improved and I could go on. I now have a 5D IV and I still have the 5D III as a backup. The auto focus is improved, the live view auto focus is much improved, low light performance is better as is the reduction in noise. Dynamic range is better, resolution is better. Is it worth the money? That is a question only you can answer. I would not be without it now and I have take over 4000 shots with it so far.
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canon, canon 5d mark iv

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