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POTW 6th Nov 2016

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Old 06-11-16, 22:21
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Default POTW 6th Nov 2016

Very many nice images to look at, with a wide spectrum from Landscape to Transportation and macro, etc, in this week of Gallery.
It is said that a bad processing can hurt the image to greater extend than a good one adding, however a skillful, right to the situation processing is an essential part of every image that stands out in a batch of images.
My peak of the week is an image that has that very right recipe of the Critical Post-processing that truly enhances the outcome, in short "Right to the Point processing" not too much, not too little. Just that delicate balance or "Right".
This image is not only backed by very strong dominant characters that has a right story, impact of history and theme for the image (One of those situations that make the viewer a desire or need to know more thus craving to get more into the image), but also all other technical aspects such as a very right low angle to bring the best out the situation (Subject grandiose impact) and very right for the situation color range and appeal, right play with light and shadows.
Then on top of all, image has that very correct post processing that is thoroughly an enhancement synergy to the image, bring out the right mood and time stamp to the viewer. A kind of post processing that we all need to learn from.
Congratulation Walwyn for your great creation: "Surveying the ground".

S a s s a n .


"Tear down walls of ignorance and narrow-mindedness, for nothing has to stay as it is." AngelaMerkel

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Old 08-11-16, 07:21
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congrats, wonderful image and processing, I missed this in the gallery

Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep. : Scott Adams
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Old 08-11-16, 21:36
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Thanks for crediting this as POTW. The image seem to warrant experimenting with some different PP.
Photography remixed: http://professor-moriarty.com
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Old 14-11-16, 13:05
Dave598 Dave598 is offline  
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Great photo and congratulations.
Thank You for looking


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6/11/2016, potw

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